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Noisy Toys Celebrated its 14th Anniversary in March 2010!

Paul Morehouse joins the Patio Players on sax!

Storyteller Michael McCarty joins the fun on the Noisy Toys patio!

Larry Elder and Kaci Christian join Sharon in front of Noisy Toys

Robert Hilton (right) joins John, Michael, Breeze and Cindy.

Christo Pellani and Bill Talbot at Noisy Toys

A December downpour didn't dampen spirits at the Noisy Toys Holiday Open House Jam!

Kay Carlson & Karlito congratulate each other after an impromptu dance on the patio!

Kay's last visit with Bill Talbot at Noisy Toys.

January 2010 - The Patio Players are rockin' in the New Year!

Christo and Jeff join the Patio Players despite the cold!

Breeze and Bill

John, Henry, Bill and Ronn

A peek at Van, Billy and Karlito through the Noisy Toys window

Young drummers are always welcome to join the Patio Players!
Henry gives Cody a hand with the djembe

Logan concentrates on the rhythm.

Gabriel keeps the beat with the claves from inside Noisy Toys

Willie (center) joins the Patio Players on a blustery day in March!

In September 2009 the Patio Players and friends performed at the Children's Tumor Foundation Walkathon in Westchester Park

Dutch recorded the festivities at the 5th annual Children's Tumor Foundation Walkathon

Billy Hill, master percussionist at Noisy Toys

Ronn and his custom cajon on the Noisy Toys patio

Sigma smiles on a cold day in L.A.

Jose recording Patio Players rhythms

Charles takes his drumming seriously!

Ken's djembe has a fur coat!

Van finds a good spot on the Noisy Toys patio

The Patio Players kick it up a notch on Halloween day!

A cold day in December won't keep the drummers away!

The Patio Players Celebrate First Anniversary at Noisy Toys!

In April 2009, a small group of drummers including Charlie, Michael, Ronn, Karl “Karlito” and Larry started jamming in front of Noisy Toys on Saturday afternoons just for fun. The group soon added Sigma, John, Nick and Jose. A year later, the number of regular players has expanded so much that sometimes it’s hard for everyone to fit on the patio!

The Patio Players Jams started in April 2009, featuring Larry, John, Bill, Charlie, Ronn, Michael, Sigma, and Karl.

The Patio Players grew in May and June with Nick, John and others

The Saturday Summer Jams were in full swing in July and August! Jose, Tommy, Dutch and others joined in...

By the end of August the patio is swinging, and the Patio Players layers are joined by percussionist Billy Hill.


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