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Some Photos of Events at Noisy Toys

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Chalo Eduardo

Concert and Clinic Event at Noisy Toys, Nov. 2000

the band performs...

Chalo demonstrtates...

the audience joins in...

see the Noisy Toys interview of Chalo Eduardo

Venice Koshin Taiko
Nov. 1999

Piyasara Shilpadhipathi

Piyasara Shilpadhipathi with Kanthi and Madhavi 
April, 1999

Noisy Toys interviews 
Piyasara Shilpadhipathi, Master Drummer of Sri Lanka'

Noisy Toys Interviews 
Voices of the Kasbah

Voices of the Kasbah photo loading...

Voices of the Kasbah
May 1999

Bill Talbot believes drumming is the universal language and brings people together.

Bill Talbot plays the jun jun

Bill Talbot facillitating at a family drum circle.

Leon Mobley facillitating drum circle at Noisy Toys
Leon Mobley shares some rhythms at Noisy Toys Drum circle

Noisy Toys has sponsored a variety of exciting performers, including master percussionist Brad Dutz, world music ensemble Soundscape Pyramids, West African djembe virtuoso Leon Mobley with his group "Da Lion," and ADAAWE, L.A's own all-female vocal and percussion ensemble. 

'Da Lion' in performance
'Da Lion' in performance at one of Noisy Toy's concert events
March 1998

Adaawe performance August 1997

Noisy Toys "Meeting of the Masters" featured Sri Lankan drummer Piyasara Shilpadhipathi teamed with John Bergamo and his HANDS ONsemble. 

John and Piyasara October 1997

See our interview with John Bergamo

To celebrate International Drum Month, Nov 1997, Noisy Toys presented "Japanese Festival Sounds," Taiko drumming by Johnny Mori and Danny Yamamoto of Hiroshima, w/ George Abe on side flute. 

"Festival Sounds" (Taiko) 
Johnny Mori, George Abe, Danny Yamaoto (L to R)
Nov 1997

 Christo Pellani's performance at a
Noisy Toys Family Fun Drum Circle in November 1998
Nov 1998

See our interview with  Christo Pellani

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