Noisy Toys! events

Index of Interviews: 

Micheal McCarty - Professional Storyteller and Coordinator of the 2010 National Storytelling Conference. Michael conducts the monthly Griot Workshop in Leimert Park.  (July 2010)

Kay Carlson - Veteran Drummer and Percussion Instructor. (April 2010)

Interview Archives (1999 to 2006): 

Stephen "Breeze" Smith - Improvisational drummer. Currently an instructor at STAR Education Center heading the departments of Woodworking, World Drumming, and Special Events. Member of the improvisational jazz band the Scott Heustis Group and of PeaceMuse. (June 2006)

Dean Wolfe - Didgeridoo player. (August 2005)

Carlinhos Pandeiro de Ouro, Legendary Brazilian Percussionist. (June 2005)

Randy Gloss - Master percussionist and world percussion instructor at CalArts. Member Hands On’Semble and the Lian Ensemble. Also performs with pianist Larry Karush. (July 2005)

Robert S. Hilton - Percussionist and instructor at the Armory Center for the Arts. Creates and plays instruments made from natural and “found” objects. Member of PeaceMuse. (May 2005)

John Bergamo - Former Percussion Coordinator at the California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) and former director of the Hands On’Semble group. Currently retired. Recorded and performed with dozens of major artists. (August 2000)

Chalo Eduardo - Professional world percussionist, instructor and International recording artist. Member Samba Nova Brazilian group. (November 2000)

Piyasara Shilpadhipathi - Master Drummer of Sri Lanka. (April 1999)

Aziz Alami - Director, “Voices of the Kasbah” (May 1999)

Christo Pellani  - Master drummer/percussionist, educator and healer. Christo blends principles of rhythm and sound awareness, energy healing and expressive movement for personal growth and well-being. (March 1999)

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